A&K MSD CQB carbine, black

A&K MSD CQB carbine, black

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A&K MSD CQB carbine, black

  • Material: polymer + ZnAl + aluminium
  • Weight: 2780g
  • Length: 540-770mm
  • Colour: black
  • Initial muzzle velocity: ~390 FPS
  • Drive: electrical

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- battery pack
- battery pack charger
- RIS mounted sight
- manual
- cleaning rod
- screwdriver

This time A&K presents a shortened modification of Masada rifle, more compact  which makes this rifle a perfect tool during CQB airtsoft activities (not only, however).

The bottom part of the replica's body together with a pistol grip, the folding stock and the PMAG magazine were made of durable polymer material. Metal (homogenous alloy of Zn and Al) was used in production of the upper part of the body,  the outer barrel and the iron sights (flip-up type). The front guard together with the RIS rail system were produced of aluminium using CNC technology.

The replica is equipped with an active bolt catch - its lever is situated just by the trigger guard and accessible on both sides of the replica. Similar to the bolt catch, the reload handle together with the fire selector - all the switches are placed on both sides of the body, that is why the replica is troubleless even for lefthanded users.

The replica is also equipped with a telescopic stock of regulated  length (7 positions), which allows to adjust it to individual preferences of the shooter.. The stock ends with a thick rubber buttplate, it can also be folded to the side - the replica is even more compact. The long top 22mm mounting RIS rail as well as three rails on the front grip allow to mount various additional accessories. The barrel ends with 14mm left-hand thread. All the mentioned constructional details  show that Masada Sniper is very ergonomic and intuitive in operation.

The heart of the replica is gearbox v. 2. It was equipped with a long non-standard nozzle. Wiring is led to the front of the replica (mini plug), the batterypack is located inside the front grip. The hop-up chamber is another non-standard piece - dedicated to this model, 2-part, made of plastic.

The plastic PMAG hi-cap magazine of the capacity of 300 BBs goes together with the replica.


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