Umarex H&K G28 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, Tan

Umarex H&K G28 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, Tan

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Umarex H&K G28 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, Tan

  • Material: Metal + Polymer
  • Length: 970 - 1040 mm
  • Weight: 3850 g
  • Colour: Tan
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~430 FPS
  • Engine: Electric

The set includes:
- G28 sniper rifle replica
- mid-cap (100 BBs) magazine
- bipod 
- optics mount
- linings
- tactical forward grip

DMR G28 replica was made from metal and polymer. Polymer elements include the stock and pistol grip. Thanks to the usage of highest quality materials during the manufacturing process and placement of licensed Heckler & Koch GmbH markings the replica is without a doubt by no means inferior to the live firearm original.
The adjustable stock can be adapted in length to suit the preferences of every user. Adjustable stock pad and cheek pad will satisfy the needs of even the pickiest snipers. Special anti-slip texture on the stock pad guarantees stable arm base for the shooter even during most difficult weather conditions. 
The replica also features flip-up iron sights. The front sight is integrated with the hand guard, which makes it in line with the top, 590 mm long RIS rail when folded. The rear sight is an independent element. It features top - bottom and right - left regulation. Thanks to a QD type mount it is possible to rapidly recover a lot of space from the 50 mm mounting rail if necessary. Three 240 mm long RIS rails allow for the attachment of a wide array of additional accessories. 

The replica features a functional bolt catch mechanism and a mock selector for left-handed users. The set includes a scope mount that allows for the attachment of a scope with a diameter of 30 - 34 mm. Two 65 mm long RIS rails located on top of the mount are an ideal spot for the attachment of a reflex sight. The set includes also a second mount dedicated for the attachment of special optics. The full metal bipod has legs that can be adjusted in length in a range of 146 - 224 mm. 

High quality 460 mm long internal barrel and ~430 FPS generated straight out of the box guarantee satisfactory performance on medium range and even allows to accurately fire at enemies on long range. The implemented MOSFET module significantly impacts the replica’s reliability. This allows us to include G28 replica by Umarex in a lipo ready” category of replicas. 


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