Umarex HK416 V2 Assault Rifle

Umarex HK416 V2 Assault Rifle

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Umarex HK416 V2 Assault Rifle

  • Material: Metal + Polymer
  • Weight: 3230 g
  • Length: 810 - 890 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300 FPS
  • Engine: Electric

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- manual

A highest quality replica by Umarex, an unquestioned leader in the manufacture of airsoft HK416 and HK417 replicas. The replica was made on a license granted by Umarex, which allowed to feature all the markings visible on live firearms. This make it quite a treat for collectors and enthusiasts of loyal imitation of aspects of real firearms.

The replica was made mainly from metal with the exception of elements such as the pistol grip and the stock, which were made from polymer. The barrel features a left-handed, 14 mm thread, which allows for attachment of any silencer. An ergonomic, covered with anti-slip texture, pistol grip and a profiled, five-position stock increase comfort whilst firing. The handguard sports 22 mm RIS mounting rails that enable the equipment of a wide array of additional accessories such as a tactical flashlight, tactical forward grip or an optical sight.

Reasonable muzzle velocity makes this replica a perfect tool for operations on short and medium range as well as for CQB skirmishes. Due to the adjustable stock, maneuvering in tight spaces should not be a problem.

HK416 is an excellent alternative to popular replicas of American M4 assault rifle and fans of special forces. The replica generates a muzzle velocity of ~300 FPS and represents all the features of the live firearm original (markings, size, operational bolt-catch).

The replica is a high quality representation of a firearm, incredibly detailed and aesthetic and, in addition, in order to operate even more efficiently on the battlefield, the V2 version is equipped with a MOSFET module that improves trigger reaction and prolongs the lifetime of the replica

The set does not include a battery and a charger.

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