Umarex OBERLAND ARMS OA-15 Assault Rifle

Umarex OBERLAND ARMS OA-15 Assault Rifle

Hinta: 119.45 EUR
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Umarex OBERLAND ARMS OA-15 Assault Rifle

  • Material: Polymer + Metal
  • Length: 810 - 880 mm
  • Weight: 2010 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~190 FPS
  • Engine: Electric

The set includes:

- magazine
- battery
- cleaning rod
- test BB pack
- charger
- tactical sling
- manual

Umarex presents an electric assault rifle replica on Oberland Arms license. The company is known for frequent cooperation with manufacturers of firearms and this time as well original markings have been provided. OA-15 M4 is ideal for younger audience or beginners in the airsoft field. It is a replica with electrical motor - features both full automatic and semi firing modes. 

The replica was made practically entirely from light and durable polymer. Metal parts include the barrel and part of the internal mechanism. The replica features a telescopic stock, which allows to adapt the length to the user’s body shape and preferences.

The replica comes with a low-cap magazine with a capacity of 40 BBs.

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