Crye Precision AirFlex polvisuojat, musta

Crye Precision AirFlex polvisuojat, musta

Hinta: 49.90 EUR
Verkkokauppa Saatavilla - Saatavilla
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Crye Precision AirFlex polvisuojat - musta 

Polvisuojat integroituihin polvisuojapaikkoihin (mm. Combat puvut/housut, sekä Gen 2 ja 3). 


The AirFlex™ Series represents the latest embodiment of our patented COMBAT KNEE PAD™ design. Designed for compatibility with our uniforms and armor, these highly engineered technical garments are tailored for mobility and performance. The AIRFLEX™ COMBAT KNEE PAD features a new flexible cap for complete freedom of movement. AirFlex™ Series pads are compatible with all current and legacy apparel that accepts our joint protection pads. AirFlex™ pads are so comfortable, light, and flexible you almost forget you are wearing them. One size fits all. 

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