G&G CM15 KR-CQB 8.5” Assault Rifle, Black

G&G CM15 KR-CQB 8.5” Assault Rifle, Black

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G&G CM15 KR-CQB 8.5” Assault Rifle, Black

  • Material: Polymer + metal
  • Weight: 2200 g
  • Length: 680 - 775 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~400 FPS
  • Engine: Electric

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- User’s manual

A CM15 KR-CQB 8.5" assault rifle replica by G&G made as a part of the Combat Machine project whose aim is to deliver high-quality replicas at a price that may be considered economical. Combat Machine replicas are characteristic for their highest, distinctive of G&G products, craftsmanship, reliability and high quality of materials used. The main factor that allows reducing the price is the use of a receiver made of high-quality polymer instead of metal. It is also important to note that the receiver was made of fiberglass reinforced polymer.

The replica features an SF stock with a rubber stock pad. Inside the stock is room for a battery. The stock is adjustable, which allows for the customization of the replica’s length to the body type and preferences of the User. The replica features a RIS 22 mm rail on top and a KeyMod handguard. The replica also features a gearbox V2 based on 8 mm bearings, which allows for achieving a muzzle velocity of ~400 FPS straight out of the box. This and the implementation of a 260 mm long outer barrel make this replica ideal for middle-ranged activities. Inside is a sealed pneumatic system, equipped with a high-quality chamber and HU bucking.

The set does not include a battery and a charger.

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