LCT LC-3 SG1 Carbine

LCT LC-3 SG1 Carbine

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LCT LC-3 SG1 Carbine

  • Material: Steel + nylon
  • Weight: 4900 g
  • Length: 1026 mm
  • Color: Grey / Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~400 FPS
  • Engine: Electric

The set includes:

- bipod

Taiwanese LCT company is proud to present the first on the airsoft market replica of powerful G3 assault rifle that has been brought as close to the original as possible and made of materials similar to those of the live firearm original. The significant weight (over 4 kg), steel construction and perfect attention to detail provide the experience of using a live assault rifle, not an airsoft replica.

LC-3 SG1 stands out in terms of the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials used, for which LCT replicas are known for. All metal elements were made of steel. Steel parts include, amongst others, the entire receiver, external barrel, front sight base and the charging handle. As in the live firearm original, the stock, handguard, pistol grip and the charging handle panel were made of nylon polymer. Access to the Hop-Up adjustment system is gained after pulling back the charging handle. The handle alone can be locked in rear position as well as folded so that it does not stand out from the compact structure of the replica.

The replica in SG1 version includes a foldable bipod and a specially-profiled stock with a comfortable cheek pad. 

The heart of the replica is a durable gearbox V2 equipped with 9 mm bearings and an array of reinforced components such as:

- set of steel gears
- steel, bearing-mounted spring slide
- brass cylinder
- aluminum CNC piston head
- aluminum CNC cylinder head
- a set of 9 mm ball bearings

The replica is powered by a High-Torque 2500 rpm motor. The battery is stored in a fixed stock and the stock pad can be removed without any tools. The effectiveness of a shot is provided by a 515 mm long internal barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm.

The replica comes with a Mid-Cap, steel magazine with a capacity of up to 140 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

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