G&G CM16 R8-L Carbine, Black

G&G CM16 R8-L Carbine, Black

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G&G CM16 R8-L Carbine, Black

  • Material: Polymer + metal
  • Weight: 2400g
  • Length: 850mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~415
  • Type: Electric

The set includes:

- replica


- M2 reflex sight replica

- user’s manual

- 1000 G&G 0.20 BBs

CM16 R8-L carbine replica by G&G was constructed as part of Combat Machine project, which aimed to provide high quality replicas in a price range considered “low budget”. Combat Machine replicas have the highest, characteristic for G&G quality of craftsmanship, operation and materials used in construction. The main feature that allowed for the reduction of price was the use of high quality polymer as a material for the replica’s receiver instead of metal. What is also noteworthy, is the fact that the body was made from a polymer reinforced with glass fibre – the same can be said with regard to the handguard, stock or any other polymer element. Metal parts include: external barrel, stock pipe, swivels and most small parts.

The replica has a SF stock with a rubber buttpad. Inside the stock is stored a battery. The stock is regulated, which allows for customization of the replica’s length to the user’s body type and preferences. The set includes a replica of M2 reflex sight – a very solid, made mostly from metal and equipped with a 22mm RIS rail mount replica. The sight displays a vivid red dot, which can be smoothly regulated both horizontally and vertically. The sight has rubber, flip-up covers.

CM16 R8-L has a top 22mm mounting rail along the entire body and a set of three long rails on the handguard. This complete conversion allows for the attachment of a wide array of additional accessories such as: optical sights, grips, tactical flashlights and laser sights.

The replica comes with a polymer, high capacity (300 BBs) magazine.

The replica has a V2 gearbox based on 8mm bearings, which allows for achieving a muzzle velocity of about 415FPS straight out of the box. Thanks to that and the implementation of a 357mm long, internal barrel, the replica is an ideal choice for medium range combat. Inside is a tight pneumatic system, equipped with a top class Hop-Up chamber and packing.


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