TAGinn Filling Station FiSt-2 (HPA / CO2)

TAGinn Filling Station FiSt-2 (HPA / CO2)

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TAGinn Filling Station FiSt-2 (HPA / CO2)

Uuden sukupolven latauslaite TAGINN HPA ja CO2 laukaisimille. 

Tämä ei ole pyrotekninen laite. Toiminta perustuu airsoft-kaasun avulla laukaistavan kiinteän kappaleen lentorataan ja iskeytymiseen kohteeseensa. 

Vaatii kertakäyttöisiä / harjoitteluprojektiileja sekä laukaisulaitteen toimiakseen. Myydään erikseen.

Valmistajan kuvaus:

FiSt-2” – is the filling station for “Shell-HPA”, “Shell-PRO EVO” and “Shell Multi-R”. This fully redesigned filling adapter has several important improvements

• The sealing method has changed, now no o-rings will be damaged or blown out during the CO2 tank replacement even if some pressure has left in the chamber. 

• No chance for leaking between nozzle and filling valve even when the weather is cold.

• The tempered stainless steel nozzle is redesigned to fit perfectly our inlet valves. This fact is excluding the possibility of blowing out the inlet valve’s seal and minimizing the pressure loss during the filling process

. • Now you can use this filling station for filling both CO2 and HPA propellants. In order to fill the device with HPA, just remove the upper part from the station, unscrew the CO2 adapter, and place the cap with nozzle on any 850PSI HPA tank.

• Another amazing thing is that after the filling process, there are no pressure left in the adapter, you may remove it without degasation.

• The new line of the shells and the “FiSt-2” parts are color-coded for the more comfortable use. For instance, “Shell-PRO EVO” has the tan sector at its lower part as well as the CO2 chamber, so you may see that they are compatible. In other hand the “Shell-HPA” and “Shell Multi-R” has the red marking as well as the upper part of the “Fist-2” which will be used for filling  launching this shells with HPA.

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