VFC XCR-L MICRO Carbine, Black

VFC XCR-L MICRO Carbine, Black

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VFC XCR-L MICRO Carbine, Black

  • Material: Metal + Polymer
  • Length: 480 - 655 mm
  • Weight: 2450 g
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~350 FPS
  • Color: Black

The set includes:
- VFC XCR-L MICRO carbine replica
- mid-cap 120 BB magazine
- iron sights

VFC XCR carbine replica was made from metal and very durable polymer. The receiver of the replica along with the external barrel and foldable stock as well as elements such as the trigger, magazine release button, fire mode selector were all made from metal. On the other hand, the comfortable, profiled pistol grip was made from polymer. The replica was made under a license granted by American firearms manufacturer “Robinson Arms” located in Salt Lake City.

Noteworthy is the very comfortable, foldable to the side stock that has a rubber stock pad that prevents the replica from slipping when firing. In addition, the top part has a comfortable, soft sponge.

It is important to mention that the mid-cap (120 BB) magazine has also been made from durable aluminum. 

VFC XCR replica is equipped with a full set of RIS rails. The top rails allow for the attachment of an optical sight or included in the set iron sights.

The carbine has an operational bolt catch mechanism, which combined with fully-licensed markings and individual serial number provides the replica with an additional dose of realism.

The battery is installed inside the PEQ replica that is not included in the set.

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